Saturday, November 7, 2015

Diwali Is Festive"ALL"

It's that time of year again,
Can't believe,
Last year is passed,
In a moment of flick.

Days are shorter,
Nights beautiful and longer,
People are happier,
The festive spirit is in power.

Shiny Lights all around,
Bulbs in a series,
Like stars tied together,
To create an illusion of sparkles.

Get together,
And houses full of laughter,
Aroma of delicious food,
Life's little wonders.

But I am scared ,
To my death,to extremity,
Is this because  of,
difference in our identity.

All the lights seem,
Rays of fire,
I am terrified,
For my survival.

Some will tie,
Firing Cracker to my tail,
And will enjoy the stage,
With my dreadful chase.

You will be enjoying,
The loud sound of music,
And the louder crackers,
Will please your festive spirit.

And I will be Searching,
For a peaceful corner,
This festive season,
To lessen my fear.

I know you can't listen,
My internal tremor and blue,
But unfortunately
I can feel sound,
More than you.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Falling For Her..

He was polite and 
More than humble.
She was such beauty,
That anyone could stumble.

He used to stare at her,
While roaming in his place.
And She used to walk,
with steps full of grace.

He never felt so contented,
In his life before.
And she was bestowed,
With joy totally pure.

He was falling every
moment, in love with her.
As she was the cutest puppy,
On the face of this mother earth.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Paint it bright, Paint it right!

Painting reminds me of memories, sweet little memories of my childhood. It makes me nostalgic. It reminds me about those old days when, my parents used to think about thousand different shades before finalising one and me and my brother used to help them. Ah! the sweet, sunny memories.

I think, each family do a house cleaning and painting every year at least once. Some people do it on festivals and other choose special occasion. Paint not only keep your house good looking and refreshed, It also keeps your mood happy. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a clean and well maintained home?

Choosing the colour and getting the right shade can be a quite tiring task. Bed bath & More has come up with a smart paint finder where you can pick up the ‘theme’ of your choice from the existing collection or you can create your own. Each theme has a bunch of different shades relating to the theme.

There are different categories of shopping based upon your theme. You can shop under bedding, bath, furniture, decor, dining & kitchen categories.

Bed Bath & More also deals in expert advice for your home decor. You can find the home decor experts under ‘Pros’ tab and contact them on your own.

There are pre-existing themes under Themes. One can choose from this exquisite collection. I am not a very ‘morning person’ but I like sunshine and the various different colours, it brings with it. I feel alive when I mull over sweet little memories of life and try to find inspiration and motivation from them, for the future.

Hence, I chose ‘Retro Feel’ theme. This theme gave me sunny, lemony yellow colour of my choice. I visualised the virtual rooms in ‘lemon burst’ shade.

Theme Card

This is how the #paintfinder looks like. You can customise the shade and add that to your shade card and paint sheet.

Paint Finder

Below are some pictures of the room preview. You can view the virtual rooms in full preview as well. The Paint finder tools gives you the option to choose from different kinds of rooms.

Room Preview 
Virtual Room Preview

Virtual Room Preview

You can order the shade card or paint sheet for the real look. Overall, I found the #paintfinder tool very interactive. You can not only visualise the look and feel of paint shade. You can calculate the cost based upon square feet of you room and the quality of paint. I think, it’s a great investment in terms of time and money before you actually invest in paint cost.

So, What are you waiting for? Paint your home in that imaginary shade of yours and live your dream in your newly painted home. I bet, you will feel the creativity. So, Paint it bright! Paint it right.

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Life Teaches Us..

Life teaches us lessons,
Through every battle we fight,
Stick it into your mind,
It’s an experience - not easy and light.

Life teaches us to dream
With every second we live,
Dreams of beauty, dreams of peace.
Dreams that keep our hopes alive.

Life teaches us to be forgiving,
To others and to ourselves,
Forgetting the wrongs,
And aiming for righteousness.

Life teaches us survival,
In good and in bad,
Key is the will-power,
That’s all, you should have.

Pic Credit : Google

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Dear Blog!

Oh my dear blog,
Don’t be so sad.
I am finally back,
with reload of memories I had.

Don’t feel so jealous,
For not having my attention.
I was busy roaming,
And reading my old comprehensions.

Don’t feel so bored,
Without any new blog.
I am back to your service,
To clear your dullish fog.

You are a beauty,
Words of wisdom and wise.
I surrender my dreams and my pen,
In your heavenly paradise. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why Do I Write?!

Why do I write?
To fill my inquisitive appetite.
Umm, probably, I guess,
To feel good and light.

Why do I write?
To keep me sane.
In the life full of,
Fun yet sometimes mundane.

Why do I write?
For the love of words.
Which creates a magic,
When you jumble'em up.

Why do I write?
To make myself happier.
Paper,pen and a perfect coffee,
Nothing could be more merrier.

Why do I write?
To read my own thoughts.
To give my soul,
A feeling of rejuvenation shot.

Pic Courtesy: Google

P.S. On a lighter note, I wrote this poem while waiting in a queue for my lunch. Hence, there are so many words like appetite, coffee etc. ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Orange Juice!

She was dressed in the frilled yellow colour frock with tiny red buttons in front. I think yellow was her favourite colour in childhood. She likes white more than yellow now.

She used to go for walk daily with her dad, holding hands together, matching her tiny little feet with her dad's feet but there was a particular spot when she used to run, stand on the bench, and ask for orange juice. This was her daily routine in the evening. She used to wait for this moment daily. As soon she used to stand on the bench, juicewala bhaiya used to grin and start making her favourite juice.

After finishing the juice, her day seem to be completed with the satisfaction and a broad smile. This happened to continue for years. The juice counter guy changed several times but her habit did not.

The best part was that she almost believed for years that the juice was free all these years because her dad used to pay at juice counter when she was busy playing after finishing juice and this came as a shocking surprise to her when her mom told her that juice was never free. :)

She still laughs at her silliness when she thinks of it.

P.S. The little girl in the story was the younger me. Few days back, my mom reminded me of this and we shared a good laugh. Ah ! the beautiful childhood, always the sweetest.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Reading Glasses!

My little mind,
Full of wonderful thoughts,
Wants to put down,
The words randomly sought.
Words want to dance,
On a plain paper sheet,
Let me tell you here,
I write pretty nice and neat.
Soo much that I write,
I see words are running out of my plight,
I feel words are angry,
And breaking up with me in a hurry.
I scratch my head,
And wonder what to do,
Then I pick up a book,
Without any further ado.
Thinking, it is still friends with me,
And will please me with a wonderful story.
But the hope is gone soon,
Pages look blur and seems to frown.
Strange, I am perplexed,
Confused and clueless,
I rub my eyes,

And that's when, 
I realise my utter nonsense.
I search them,
In every nook and corner,
Within my bag and,
On the shelf of saucer,
Under the table,
And beside the glass of water.
Looked all over the place,
I couldn't find their any trace.
I am hopeless and tired,
By the end of sting operation.
Sitting clueless and,
Eating eating butter bread,
I found my reading glasses 
on top of my head.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

They Say!

They say,
Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder,
Full of inspiration,
And fills your life with laughter,
Like a fairy tale,
Soulful dreams ready to gleam,
Boat full of hope,
Ready to sail.

They say,
Beauty lies in the soul of forgiver,
Heart bigger than anything,
Ever ready to shower blessings sparkling,
Soul full of simplicity and greatness,
Will heal you with its ticklish tenderness,
Makes you regretful in its own way,
Compel you to ponder night and day.

They say,
Beauty lies in the actions of doer,
Dedicated and thoughtful,
Legendary yet close to ground rules,
Louder than words and bigger than plans,
Honest and peaceful like a white swan,
Determination is must have,
Glorifies the beauty, makes it brave.

They say,
Beauty lies in the present moment,
Just that, which is right now,
Neither its past, nor it is future,
This is all you have,
Mute it or make it a hooter,
Live it with all your will,
Smile and fill it with a frill.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ये आखें ...

ये आखें कितना कुछ कह जाती हैं,
बिन कहे ही कहानियां बयां कर जाती हैं । 
सपनो का , ख्वाहिशों का, और ,
प्यार भरे अफ़्सानो का चित्रण कर जाती हैं । 

खुली रह के बेबाक सपने दिखा जाती हैं ,
और मन को नयी जोश उमंगें भर जाती हैं । 
बंद हो करके भी ,
दूसरे जहां की सैर कर आती हैं । 

मुस्कुराती हैं तो चमक दिल थाम लेती है ,
गुनगुनाती हैं , तो कोयल भी शरमा जाती है । 
छलकती हैं ज़ब ज़ी भर के ये ,
तो अपने ही दिल पे हल्का मरहम सा लगा जाती हैं । 

लजाती हैं , तो क़यामत सी ढल जाती है ,
इतराती हैं तो मख़मली शरारत से भर जाती हैं । 
ज़ुल्मी ये सरेआम क़त्ल कर आती हैं ,
और हस के महफ़िल -ए -जान  हो जाती हैं । 

ये आखें कितना कुछ कह जाती हैं,
बिन कहे ही कहानियां बयां कर जाती हैं । 

चित्र आभार : गूगल