Friday, September 19, 2014

Just a Thought !

Life is just a gust of wind,
But you can hold it.
By doing incessant efforts,
In your way you can mould it.

Millions of seconds this life worths,
Don't spoil it in aimless works.
Be mobile but don't move towards directionless ways,
Life is not just spending your days.

The second name of struggle , Life is...
Struggle in every walk of life.
Makes you the human of power;
Who has used one's each valuable hour.

Only your deeds can put the,
Crown on your head.
Only these deeds can bring you the;
Name,fame as well the shame.

Remember My friend !! Be a human,
At your inner side,
Then your soul will hold your life;
And give it the way,
And this all is just a thought away.

P.S. Wrote this years back.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Love God who,
Gave you this beautiful life.
Love your parents who,
Make this worth like.

Love your dreams,
To make them come true.
Love your work,
Make it a passion of you.

But.. before all learn first to love yourself,
It's the only help which,
Can make you the BEST OF YOU.
Well, My friend !! It's totally up to you.

P.S. - My first hands on in poetry when I collected my random thoughts and penned them down. I think it was year 2003.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

You Die and Come Back to Survive

Love is like a song,
Nothing is right or wrong.

Love is like school,
Everyday you learn new rule.

Love is like lifeline,
Without it you whine.

Love is the power,
strength to soar high.

Love is a battle,
Where loser is the winner.

Love is like another life,
You die and come back to survive.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

For Them Only We Survive !

Life is small,
And dreams are big

Dreams give you wings,
To fly and soar.

Dreams give you strength,
To live the present and hope for better.

Dreams give you dreams,
To achieve more and gleam.

Dreams give you hope,
To make your dreams true.

Dreams are life,
For them only we survive.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dreams !

My dreams are small,
But they are significant.

My dreams give me strength,

To survive and be alive.

My dreams are sunlight,
Make my day cheerful and bright.

My dreams are important,
Keep me focus and determinant.

My dreams are small,
But for me, they are All !!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When Love Is The Thing..

You are a king,
When Love is the thing.

Silly fights Make you feel stupid,
But it happens when there is cupid.

Journey is more interesting than destination,
‘Cuz all you care about - time and attention.

Losing in it makes you feel winner & richer,
Falling for someone comes without fear.

Someone’s smile make you smile,

As it's the best thing happened to you in awhile.

Every moment you're in real Zing,
When Love is the thing.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Do We Feel Free and Independent ?!

On International Women's day , I asked a simple question to myself. How safe and free I feel today comparing to last IWD ? And trust me , I have felt no change in the environment around me, the social thinking around me.

I have a question for my readers. Though it's my personal observation or perception but Is IWD is getting closer to be another Mother's day or Valentine's day? Is it losing its main motive? Has it just become a day when men express their love/gratitude towards the women in their life ? How many of us know the UN theme of Women's Day 2014 ?

If most of the answers of above questions(except last question) are 'yes' then Why are we celebrating IWD?

We should definitely ask this question to ourselves because the main motto of IWD is social awareness of women rights and we will achieve that motto ,  the day,  I or many women like me will feel free, independent and will not see gender discrimination in our society. Because I personally believe that the top cause of every women related issue is gender inequality which inherently derives from the way our society thinks about men and women.

Today also , I know people around me who are gender biased , who prefer a son over daughter , who thinks women are weaker sex, who thinks women and men should not have equal rights , who thinks women are home maker and men are bread maker , who think if a girl is raped; it's her fault and many more examples. We have to get away with this mentality. We have to think differently. We have to push ourselves hard to change the thinking of people around us at the least basis.

In my opinion , if we succeed to bring a shift of mind in people around us then we are truly celebrating International Women Day. And it requires help at an individual level. Laws and organisations working for  issues related to women's rights might help but the real change requires efforts at individual level - yes, Only YOU can make the change. So , Stand up and speak for your own rights (Yes, It takes a lot of courage) and inspire others to do the same.  

Happy Weekend

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What a Song Can Do To You !!

Another night when I just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep at all. I was thinking what to do and it just clicked me.. let's listen to some music (In hope of getting some sleep :)) and I tuned into FM. Though it turned out to be an inspiration to write a blog soo early in morning and suddenly I realize it's my first ever early morning post (Reason to smile :)).

I started listening back to back Bollywood hindi songs on my favourite FM channel and the song 'Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram' from movie 'Krrish3' was played after some time. It just hit me after few seconds that something or someone is related to this song. I was trying to remember the reason and it just brought a smile on my face.

I realised it was connecting me to Hetal, a girl who applied mehandi (Heena) on my hands in my wedding. This catchy song was her cell's ringtone and her always smiling face and the conversations I had with her just flashed by. I was happily mesmerised with her will power to lead and excel in her field. 

Hetal is an average indian woman, educated, happily married and a mother of two-year cute lil girl. She used to work in ladies beauty parlour but two years back she started her own work. She doesn't own a place to run her business at present but she is highly motivated to have it one day and I liked that thinking a lot. I could see that satisfaction, willingness and sparkle in her eyes for the things she wants to do in her life and that made me happy. 

Sometimes when she was getting late at work , she used to be sad because her only child used to be alone at home and she said, "My husband has night shifts but he is very nice. He will stay at home a little extra for the baby until I go back. It's a very good thing that he is that supportive. We both are working and I want our lil girl to study as much she can and I hope she follow her own dreams".  

As per me she is a living character from Sheryl Sandberg's book 'Lean In : Women, work and the will to lead' for the women around her. A true motivation to excel !!

All the best Hetal for your dreams.

For me , it's time to go and see the sunrise with a cup of tea !! :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

I will always love you.. I swear !

Love me none or hate me more,
I will always be yours.

Love me in silence or with dare,
I will always care.

Love my ideas or hate my views,
I will always be there with you.

Love my smile or give me tears,
I will die for ya.. my dear.

Love me today or love me never,
I will always love you.. I swear.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tomorrow Will Bring a New Day !

Tomorrow will bring a new day,
And a light of hope will illuminate our way.

Hope to live in a better humanitarian world,
By listening our inner self to make right decisions.

Hope we get the strength to stand against wrong,
No matter it's for a stranger or for our own.

Hope we are able to forgive others,
And never do the things to us which shudder.

Hope we contribute to an equal society,
Where humans are not discriminated based upon sex.

Hope we break our boundaries and shatter our silence,
To voice for them who are less privileged.

Hope we shape a new world,
By not being ignorant and ridicule.

**One more year is ending by leaving mix bag of memories with us. I hope we cherish the good ones for rest of our lives and learn from our past mistakes to make our 2014 more joyous. 

I wish all my readers a very prosperous and achieving upcoming 2014. May all your dreams come true.

My last blog for 2013. See you next year!!