Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why Do I Write?!

Why do I write?
To fill my inquisitive appetite.
Umm, probably, I guess,
To feel good and light.

Why do I write?
To keep me sane.
In the life full of,
Fun yet sometimes mundane.

Why do I write?
For the love of words.
Which creates a magic,
When you jumble'em up.

Why do I write?
To make myself happier.
Paper,pen and a perfect coffee,
Nothing could be more merrier.

Why do I write?
To read my own thoughts.
To give my soul,
A feeling of rejuvenation shot.

Pic Courtesy: Google

P.S. On a lighter note, I wrote this poem while waiting in a queue for my lunch. Hence, there are so many words like appetite, coffee etc. ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Orange Juice!

She was dressed in the frilled yellow colour frock with tiny red buttons in front. I think yellow was her favourite colour in childhood. She likes white more than yellow now.

She used to go for walk daily with her dad, holding hands together, matching her tiny little feet with her dad's feet but there was a particular spot when she used to run, stand on the bench, and ask for orange juice. This was her daily routine in the evening. She used to wait for this moment daily. As soon she used to stand on the bench, juicewala bhaiya used to grin and start making her favourite juice.

After finishing the juice, her day seem to be completed with the satisfaction and a broad smile. This happened to continue for years. The juice counter guy changed several times but her habit did not.

The best part was that she almost believed for years that the juice was free all these years because her dad used to pay at juice counter when she was busy playing after finishing juice and this came as a shocking surprise to her when her mom told her that juice was never free. :)

She still laughs at her silliness when she thinks of it.

P.S. The little girl in the story was the younger me. Few days back, my mom reminded me of this and we shared a good laugh. Ah ! the beautiful childhood, always the sweetest.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Reading Glasses!

My little mind,
Full of wonderful thoughts,
Wants to put down,
The words randomly sought.
Words want to dance,
On a plain paper sheet,
Let me tell you here,
I write pretty nice and neat.
Soo much that I write,
I see words are running out of my plight,
I feel words are angry,
And breaking up with me in a hurry.
I scratch my head,
And wonder what to do,
Then I pick up a book,
Without any further ado.
Thinking, it is still friends with me,
And will please me with a wonderful story.
But the hope is gone soon,
Pages look blur and seems to frown.
Strange, I am perplexed,
Confused and clueless,
I rub my eyes,

And that's when, 
I realise my utter nonsense.
I search them,
In every nook and corner,
Within my bag and,
On the shelf of saucer,
Under the table,
And beside the glass of water.
Looked all over the place,
I couldn't find their any trace.
I am hopeless and tired,
By the end of sting operation.
Sitting clueless and,
Eating eating butter bread,
I found my reading glasses 
on top of my head.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

They Say!

They say,
Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder,
Full of inspiration,
And fills your life with laughter,
Like a fairy tale,
Soulful dreams ready to gleam,
Boat full of hope,
Ready to sail.

They say,
Beauty lies in the soul of forgiver,
Heart bigger than anything,
Ever ready to shower blessings sparkling,
Soul full of simplicity and greatness,
Will heal you with its ticklish tenderness,
Makes you regretful in its own way,
Compel you to ponder night and day.

They say,
Beauty lies in the actions of doer,
Dedicated and thoughtful,
Legendary yet close to ground rules,
Louder than words and bigger than plans,
Honest and peaceful like a white swan,
Determination is must have,
Glorifies the beauty, makes it brave.

They say,
Beauty lies in the present moment,
Just that, which is right now,
Neither its past, nor it is future,
This is all you have,
Mute it or make it a hooter,
Live it with all your will,
Smile and fill it with a frill.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ये आखें ...

ये आखें कितना कुछ कह जाती हैं,
बिन कहे ही कहानियां बयां कर जाती हैं । 
सपनो का , ख्वाहिशों का, और ,
प्यार भरे अफ़्सानो का चित्रण कर जाती हैं । 

खुली रह के बेबाक सपने दिखा जाती हैं ,
और मन को नयी जोश उमंगें भर जाती हैं । 
बंद हो करके भी ,
दूसरे जहां की सैर कर आती हैं । 

मुस्कुराती हैं तो चमक दिल थाम लेती है ,
गुनगुनाती हैं , तो कोयल भी शरमा जाती है । 
छलकती हैं ज़ब ज़ी भर के ये ,
तो अपने ही दिल पे हल्का मरहम सा लगा जाती हैं । 

लजाती हैं , तो क़यामत सी ढल जाती है ,
इतराती हैं तो मख़मली शरारत से भर जाती हैं । 
ज़ुल्मी ये सरेआम क़त्ल कर आती हैं ,
और हस के महफ़िल -ए -जान  हो जाती हैं । 

ये आखें कितना कुछ कह जाती हैं,
बिन कहे ही कहानियां बयां कर जाती हैं । 

चित्र आभार : गूगल 

Monday, June 29, 2015

I Count On You !

With you honey,
Life is colourful and funny.
I have got my purpose,
In this worldly circus.

In your presence,
Problems look minuscule.
Gives me the strength,
To fight back the world and rule.

Your one sight.
Makes me go head over heels.
In the game of love,
My heart is the only thing you steal.

Your smile adds the,
beauty in all possible way.
I fall in love,
with you everyday.

Your lively persona,
Makes me cheerful.
I count on you,
For the times, cheerful and blissful.

Image credit : Google

Friday, May 8, 2015

It Will Come Along..

Last ray of hope,
I have now lost.
Mysteries come along,
And spill the toast.

People say I am,
Better as me.
With no knowledge of,
What they want to see.

I have lost again,
In whatsoever game.
But I had no intention of,
Keeping all in my name.

Why life is hard to live,
At all point of time.
Where is the rosy dream,
Which I saw from naked eye.

I might not be all right,
But I know I am not all wrong.
I remember a favourite song,
And I believe it will come along.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lady Of Determination

What it takes to catch your dreams,
And make them real,
What it takes to change mindset,
To make them welcome change with zeal.
What it takes to show others
A new brighten way.
You need to lighten that path,
With shades of courage and hopeful rays.
What it takes to be an icon,
And motivate zillions.
It’s your own will power,
To make it worth millions.
What it takes to aim high,
And steal the name.
Requires tremendous efforts,
To play the difficult game.
What it takes to live your passion,
And write your destiny.
Strong will and stronger deeds
Make you shiny.
What it takes to be a
Person with #willOfSteel
Strength and belief,
Are the only deal.

For me, Geeta Phogat is a woman of tremendous willpower and a source of inspiration for many of us. It takes a lot of courage and an undying urge to fulfill your dreams and she surely possesses that courage.

Pursuing a sport teaches you discipline and she chose ‘Wrestling’ and shattered soo many myths about, it being a male dominated sport. She is a true example of equality. She proved it very rightly that there is nothing in this world which women can’t do and her gold medal in commonwealth games says it all.

Anne Frank had said, “The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!”. I feel Geeta live up to this saying. The transformation in mindset is the need of hour and this lady is one true contributor in bringing this transformation and this change is required in all walks of life. Sports is just an example.

You get only one life. At least that’s what I know of and if you can make that life worthy enough for people to get inspired by you, if you can lead by example in bringing a change,  If you can prove people wrong for a right cause; you have truly lived your life.

This strong willed woman has given many hopes to little kids with their bigger dreams and has taught everyone a lesson that nothing is impossible if you determine to design your own destiny. Hurdles will come and go but they should be insignificant for you. According to me,  her efforts are commendable and we should celebrate her.

I’m voting for Geeta Phogat’s#WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

#WillOfSteel is an endeavour by JSW to honour the unsung heroes of India, people who have truly proven their mettle and have unbreakable determination. Be it in sports, health care, social service or even saving the environment. These are individuals whose willpower has changed the world.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Such is Life..

When you want it, 
With all your soul,
And yet don't get it whole.
Such is life..

When you make your deeds,
Earn that dignity,
And still have to pay heed.
Such is life..

When you deserve it the most,
With all your truthfulness,
And yet have to prove more.
Such is life..

When your action,
Speaks for your passion,
And yet they need more motivation.
Such is life..

When you learn,
The things hard way,
And yet there is no easy way.
Such is life..

When you dream high,
And long lost little dreams,
Come to life in an uncanny way.
Such is life..

Photo Credits: Bubble week by Rachel. Creative Common License

Friday, April 10, 2015

He is My All..

He is my strength,
He is my belief
He is my wealth
He is my relief

He is my saviour,
He is my light.
He is my treasure,
He is my sight.

He is my dream,
He is my hope.
He is my healer,
He is my scope.

He is my craziness,
He is my zeal.
He is my Ecstasy,
He is my heal.

He is my heart,
He is my radiance.
He is my trophy,
He is my grace.

He is my friend,
He is my soul.
He is my charm,
He is my passion whole.

He is my love,
He is my only life.
He is my all,
And every little smile.

He is my very loving husband. :)