Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sometimes All You Need

Sometimes all you need,
A little pat on your back.
And you bounce
To demean all your lack.

Sometimes all you need,
A little trust.
And you give,
Back with all your thrust.

Sometimes all  you need,
A little surreal dream.
To make you realize,
Your inner power supreme.

Sometimes all you need,
A little love.
And all your fears
Will be shoved.

Photo Courtesy: Life by Gfpeck. Creative Common License

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Am a Dreamer !

I am a dreamer,
With eyes wide open.
My dreams are silly,
And full of imagination.

I am a dreamer,
With handful of thoughts.
If penned down,
Can create variety of plots.

I am a dreamer,
Who dreams day and night.
They are my core strength,
Give me the hope in darkest of light.

I am a dreamer,
With unlimited hope.
I fill my dreams,
With laughter dope.

I am a dreamer,
With dreams full of emotions.
When life hits me hard,
They are my ultimate medication.

I am a dreamer,
Because dreams do come true.
If you have the "willpower",
Everything else just counts as negligible and few.

Photo Courtesy: Dreaming by Moyan Brenn. Creative Common License

Friday, March 20, 2015

Believe in YOU

There comes a time,
With which your happiness rhyme.
Dreams come together,
And make you brighter.

You start thinking,

What has changed.
You feel positive,
And the changes are not tailor-made.

Open your heart,

And amaze your mind.
With your beautiful soul,
And heart winning smile.

Your efforts are not new,

But the change is in your view.
No one knows the pretty little secret,
But my friend ! It's only your believe in YOU.

Photo Credit : Rainy Day Inspiration by Jennifer, Creative Common License

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Love You is The Only Way I Know

Look what I found while going through memory lane. Some 5 years ago, I wrote this poem for my darling husband :). Time flies !

To Love is the sweetest act ,
Being loved is the cutest thing.
You cry and you smile in love,
And just happiness it brings.

Suddenly appeared an Angel
My life was about to end and all through,
They say I’m the luckiest,
‘Cuz that angel was no one.. just You.

You’re my savior,
You’re my strongest wall.
I know you’ll be there,
To catch me when I fall.

You make me laugh,
You’re my soul.
You’re the reason,
Who makes me whole.

You’re precious to me,
Your touch is my cure.
Your love is my strength,
And I know that feeling is totally pure.

I just want you to know..
For my well-being.. to you..everything I owe.
My feelings..I don’t know How to show,
I Love You.. is the only way I know…

Thursday, March 12, 2015

To Live and To Breathe..

Life is found,
In the weirdest of dreams.
Dreams come true,
From the strongest of passions.

Passions are infectious,
To an ambitious crowd.
They create a better world,
To live around.

World is beautiful,
With best of intentions.
World is scary,
With ugliest of real fiction.

One should be scared,
But from one's soul within.
Let's make world a better place,
To live and to breathe.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Friday, March 6, 2015

India's Daughter - Fight for Justice

मैं एक फूल या तराशा हुआ पत्थर या एक वस्तु ना थी ,
थी एक जीती जागती इंसान जिसमे सांसें धड़कती थीं । 

क्या था मेरा दोष जिसकी ऐसी सज़ा सामने आई ?
या मैं ये समझूँ कि "लड़की" होने की मैंने कीमत चुकाई । 

ये दुनिया ये लोग तब भी मेरी मदद ना कर पाये ,
पर आज भी है मौका वो हाथ बढ़ाने का । 

मत झगड़ो मेरी कहानी पे ! मेरे अस्तित्व का अब नाम-ओ-निशां नहीं बाकी 
लड़ो लोगों की मानसिकता से , ना मिटे किसी और का अस्तित्व ताकि । 

लड़ सकते हो तो लड़ो उन हैवानो से , कराओ उन्हें गलती का एहसास ,
कोई ऐसी सोच का दम ना भर सके , ऐसा दिलाओ न्याय । 

माँ , उस दिन की याद अब भी दिल दहलाती है ,
उन ज़ख्मों के दर्द से आँखें सिसक सिसक जाती हैं ।

माँ , मेरी मौत को व्यर्थ ना होने देना ,
इन दरिंदो की जीत का जश्न ना होने देना । 

मेरे ख़ून और तुम्हारे आँसुओं को सूखने ना देना ,
मेरी जैसी अनगिनत निर्भया को ऐसे ज़ुल्म अब सहने मत देना । 


Translated version for my english readers

I was not a flower, a gem or an object,
I was a living person who used to breathe.

What was my crime that i got such punishment,
Or I paid the cost of being a  "girl".

These people, this world couldn't help me
But today also they have a chance to help me.

Don't fight over my featured story, I am not alive anymore.
Fight with the mindset if you want to, it should not make other girls die.

Fight with those devils if you want, make them realise their fault,
Give me such justice that nobody ever think of committing such crime.

Mother, those memories shiver me today as well,
Those wounds make me cry.

Mother, my death should not go waste,
Don't let these evil people win.

Don't let your tears and my blood go waste,
Don't let any other nirbhaya go through these incidents.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love Finds Its Way !

Love finds its way,
In life full of sway.
And gives you a
Reason to cherish everyday.

Love finds its soul,
In life full of holes.
And makes your life
Pleasant, worthy and whole.

Love finds its place,
In life full of turbulence.
And makes you more
Happy and full of grace

Love finds its destination,
In life full of twist-n-turns.
And leaves you in a place
Worthy of being in.

Love finds its balance,
In life full of jiggles.
And gives you such smile
Which is rare in presence.

Love finds its sweetness,
In life - soo flavory
And sweetens your life
With all the best memories.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

What Was My Mistake?

I wanted to celebrate,
My best friend's birthday.
I wanted to explain,
My mommy about my day.

I wanted to play,
And Run on the green grass,
I wanted to go,
To my evening guitar class.

I wanted to study,
For a better life,
I wanted to live more,
To fulfil my little dreams.

What was my mistake?
I don't understand yet.
Why was I killed?
Someone please explain my death.

Fear is engraved,
In my small mind.
And I have lost
Faith in the mankind.

Dear World,
Will you promise me,
To fix this terrorism?
And give me the strength,
To come to this world again as a child.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Empty Stomach, Empty Mind

"It's not fun to protest on an empty stomach." Neither it's fun to study on an empty stomach. An empty stomach follows an empty and hollow mind. It's awful that millions of children in our country have to choose between a meal and a classroom. They have to give up following their dreams at an early stage to provide meals to their siblings and families.

India is the second most populous country in the world and one of the largest economy by GDP. The country is a home to quarter of all undernourished people worldwide. As per Global Hunger Index,  Among 76 countries, India has improved from its 63rd position to 55th rank compared to last year.

Though We are not in 'alarming' hunger state but the state is still 'serious'. Big number of undernourished Indians are small kids. The future of country is deprived of the proper healthy meal in a day. 

Our Government schools are running midday meals campaign so that these children get both - meal and education. But the trend is, generally children come to school just before meal time. It's hard for students to focus with an empty stomach. To make it more better, some schools have shifted the meal timings one to two hour earlier so that kids can start the school day with a full tummy.

America was also struggling with same kind of problem. They tackled this problem with No Kid Hungry campaign. This campaign suggested options like School Breakfast and summer meals. Summer Meals helped children to stay full and healthy when school was out. Education and awareness was also part of this campaign. Low-income families were taught to stretch their food budget so that their kids can get proper food at home.

Classroom Hunger is one of the major issues in any country as future of any nation sit in the classrooms and every effort counts in eliminating these kind of hidden hunger.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.
I am happy to write this post as for every blogpost BlogAdda will sponsor meals for a child for a year.